Welcome to The Mosaic Course

There are seven modules to the Mosaic Course. Each module consists of an audiovisual presentation, followed by key points of discussion, reflection questions, a reading list and practical exercises available in The Mosaic Course: Study Guide

We recommend that you learn them in the suggested order. At the end of each lesson you are invited to take a Test. Once you pass all the seven tests you will be eligible to receive a Mosaic Certificate.

This is a condensed version of an interactive presentation made to approximately 150 students from diverse generational, professional and cultural backgrounds. In order to safeguard the privacy of the audience members we have made certain abrupt cuts that may adversely affect the flow of the presentation. Please note that the lectures are mostly unscripted and any factual errors therefore are sincerely regretted. Please refer to the Study Guide and the Course Text "The Wise Men and the Unknown God" for  more accurate information.