1. While Hinduism describes a human soul as 'atman', Buddhism calls it 'anatman.' What does 'anatman' mean?
Complete Self
No Self
True Self
2. What is the right order of the emergence of the following religions, beginning with the earliest?
Christianity, Judaism, Islam
Islam, Judaism, Christianity
Judaism, Christianity, Islam
3. A Jewish Rabbi can be:
Either male or female
Only female
Only male
4. Who are the 'Jesuits', 'Dominicans', 'Benedictines' and 'Franciscans'?
Local Governments
Monastic Orders
Christian Denominations
5. Which of the following is the Sikh sacred scripture?
Adi Granth
Lotus Sutra
6. Holi is a Hindu festival that can best be described as:
A festival of sweets
A festival of colors
A festival of light
7. How many beads are there in a Muslim prayer rosary?