1. How many years did it take for the Quran to be completely revealed to Muhammad?
23 Years
12 weeks
7 days
2. The following is a divine mantra in Hinduism:
3. What is the right order of the emergence of the following religions, beginning with the earliest?
Christianity, Judaism, Islam
Islam, Judaism, Christianity
Judaism, Christianity, Islam
4. The term 'lost tribes of Israel' refers to:
10 tribes
2 tribes
12 tribes
5. What is the meaning of the title BUDDHA?
The Transcendent
The Enlightened
The One
6. The following statement made by Guru Nanak defines the Sikh identity as:
"We are better than Hindus and Muslims"
"We are both Hindu and Muslim"
"There is no Hindu; No Muslim"
7. Jesus mentioned the following ruler in his conversations: