1. How many Gurus have been officially recognized by Sikhism?
2. All kinds of work are prohibited according to the Jewish law of Shabbat on the following day:
First day of the week
Last day of the Week
3. One of Jesus' parables is:
David and Goliath
The Prodigal Son
The Blind men and the Elephant
4. The following is the unique item one will be able to touch in the Kaaba mosque:
A green plate
A black stone
A red prayer bead
5. Hindus wear a bindi/tilak on their forehead, which symbolizes:
The Evil Eye
Ornament of the gods
The Third eye
6. The guardian of celestial heaven in Japanese Buddhism:
7. What is the meaning of the religious term 'incarnation' ?
Material pleasures that destroy spiritual life
The circle of life, death and rebirth
God coming in human form