“Mathew John has just the right spirit and content to speak to a culture often confused or turned off by religion.”

Multiple Gold-Medallion Winning Author & Editor at Large, Christianity Today

The Wise Men and the Unknown God recounts the personal pilgrimage of a Christ-Follower from the East to the West, exploring God’s redemptive revelations outside the boundaries of Christian tradition. In this roller-coaster ride through six major world religions, we encounter a variety of symbols that seem to point, incredibly, to the God of the Bible. From Hindu avatars and Buddhist bodhisattvas to Sikh gurus, Muslim prophets, and the Jewish messiah, the author takes us across the world to consider how different religions attempt to answer the deep longing for a savior-figure within every human heart.

Ideal for personal reading and small group studies, this book serves both as an introductory course on world religions and an inspirational book for personal spiritual growth.

“How can the world religions be so drastically different and yet also uncannily similar and possibly related? Isn't it incomprehensible that the great faiths are both strikingly contrasting but also remarkably overlapping and even convergent? ‘The Wise Men and the Unknown God' invites readers on a journey to consider these questions in light of a gospel that challenges, even as it opens up conversation with, people in other faiths.”

Director, CMR, Fuller Theological Seminary

"Author Eugene Petersen observed that we have two mental operations that work in tandem—explanation and imagination. And hardly anything grips our imagination as a well-written story, inviting us to enter the story and play our part in the unfolding drama. What an exciting way to learn about an otherwise ho hum topic—world religions. Read and enter."

Rexdale Alliance, Toronto. Author: The Conquest of Innerspace

God is bigger than our boxes! Firmly planted in Jesus’ claims of exclusivity for salvation, Mathew discovers “God’s redemptive grace lurking in the dark and hidden corners of different religions.” “The Wise Men and the Unknown God…” will confirm and stretch your beliefs at the same time.

 Dr. Craig Sider
President, New York City Leadership

“This book is a generous, thoughtful, nuanced, and compelling exploration of six faith traditions and their views of Jesus, written by a scholar/filmmaker who is himself a committed follower of Jesus. This is a book to share with your friends.”

Professor of Spiritual Formation, Fuller Theological Seminary, Author: Noticing God

The book, birthed out of personal experience and passion, is an excellent resource for all of us to understand our neighbour’s perspective and the gifts we all have to give one another. In a world where more compassion, respect and understanding is so desperately needed, The Wise Men and the Unknown God is a timely bridge in a sea of walls.

 Christa Hesselink,
Author: Life’s Great Dare: Risking It All for the Abundant Life

"The Wise Men and the Unknown God offers an incredible resource to people of all religious backgrounds, particularly Christians who are looking to understand world religions and how people can talk together in a respectful and thoughtful way about their beliefs. The author’s breadth of knowledge, thoughtful insights and conversational approach are a very rare combination and make it easy for people to grasp the beliefs of world religions, learn from each other and also consider the life and message of Jesus in light of world religions. I highly recommend this book.”

Tim Day
The City Movement,
Author: God Enters Stage Left

The author dared to proclaim Christ as the way, the truth and the life in a world culture that is not open to such claim… He describes how other religions picture Christ and anybody - not just Israel - could have access to father God, through Jesus Christ and be His friends and children with all the promises and its benefits that comes with faith in Christ, which is the only true way of Salvation.

Rev. Thomas Kutty
National Leader (Emeritus), The Foursquare Gospel Church in India.

"As an anthropologist I read the Bible with human eyes, wide-open, and I see a "racist God" on occasions, for example, Jesus comparing the woman of Syria / Phoenicia to a dog… This book will lead you to your own personal encounters with Jesus, but in the process, will also help you discover the star that illuminate the path into an inclusive heavenly Jesus!"

Dr. Johnny Ramirez-Johnson
Professor of Anthropology, Fuller Theological Seminary