"Dan Stephenson has done the Christian family a great service. He brings decades of his legal career to bear on the greatest verdict of the human experience. Have you wondered if your faith in spiritual matters can be validated? Do you feel uncomfortable with the decisions you have made about faith so long ago? Are you contemplating the claims of Jesus Christ and wondering what decision the evidence will lead you to for your eternity? Then, you will find this volume helpful and insightful. Dan is whimsical, logical, friendly, engaging and most of all evidentiary in his presentation. You will find relief for your intellectual itch, comfort for your decision about eternity and encouragement to trust what the evidence says. I highly commend it to you."

Bruce W. Fong, Ph.D.
Dean, Dallas Theological Seminary-Houston Campus

Jesus is undoubtedly the most influential figure in world history. But, was he a real person? Did he perform miracles? Was he really crucified? Is there any proof that he rose from the dead? Surprisingly, there is a great deal of evidence on these points, not just in the Bible, but in archaeology, writings of the time, and social customs, some of which can be observed and analyzed even today. In Fact or Fiction? Jesus According to the Evidence, Dan Stephenson takes you on a journey through this evidence, equably pointing out its strengths and weaknesses. An attorney with an engineer’s mindset, he approaches the topic from a skeptic’s perspective, and lets you answer for yourself the question people asked about Jesus 2,000 years ago: “what manner of man is this?”

This book is an engaging introduction to Jesus for people who don’t know much about him, and an affirming witness to his transforming power for those who have already come into contact with him.